Thank you Sporting Bears

On Saturday 8th August Alfe’s Cause and other local charities were invited by Sporting Bears (http://www.sportingbears.co.uk/) to go to Rockingham Raceway and enjoy Dream rides around the track. We had been fortunate to attend one of their events a couple of years ago but since then many more families have accessed Alfe’s Cause and so for most of them it was the first time they had shared such an experience.

Children and their parents were driven around the raceway in lots of different cars from a Rolls Royce to a car that looked like the Bat mobile. Some of our children had been really poorly the week prior to the event and we were really worried that they wouldn’t be able to attend because of been admitted to hospital. We were over the moon when they all managed to make it. The smiles on their faces were priceless and it was also a fantastic place to introduce our newer families to members of the charity they hadn’t yet met.

Sporting Bears do amazing work and it was because of their unexpected and generous donation a few years ago that meant Alfe’s Cause was able to continue because funds had become low and we wondered if we would have to close. We send huge thanks to all of the people involved with Sporting Bears.

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