Summer update

The last few months have seen the charity welcome more families to the monthly meetings and we have been raising funds and awareness thanks to the support of Runs4Funds.

In May we went to Pizza Hut and enjoyed eating and catching up and enjoyed visiting Circus Starr, then in June the families returned to Whipsnade Zoo and in July 90 of us went to Legoland on two coaches and some made their own way there. None of this would have been possible without donations and we are truly grateful to everyone who has and continues to support us.

Alfe and his sister and friends did a bucket shake at the Northampton County Cricket Ground, Steve Crook organised a cricket match at Althorp for us and we did a circus workshop at a local youth club too for a donation to Alfe’s Cause.

After consultation with the current families that access us we plan on extending the support we offer by running a monthly coffee morning for invited extended family members and friends.

We are now working with KidsAid so that we can refer children to them and fund 18 sessions of a chosen therapy to help the children come to terms with what has happened and is happening to them because of the illness they live with.

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