Time for an update!

This year has been difficult for the charity to secure funding so we were delighted to receive two surprise amounts of money from companies recently. The money will go into continuing the monthly activity meetings.

In May we welcomed three more families to Alfe’s Cause.

Since the last update we have enjoyed meetings to Wicksteed Park, Pizza Hut, the circus and a pantomime which Alfe danced in. Our next official meeting is to Whipsnade Zoo on the 18th June.

Also in June we are working with staff from Northampton General Hospital and the Leon Barwell Foundation to put on an event for siblings. Siblings are often unintentionally overlooked when a brother or sister is diagnosed with cancer and this can cause a number of knock on effects.

We hope this event will provide siblings time to meet up with other siblings who they can relate to and participate in a fun afternoon.